Council Tax - Application for a single person discount

You are entitled to a 25% single person discount if you live alone or are the only adult over 18 who lives in the property.

You are not classed as living alone if you have children over the age of 18 living with you.

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I live alone and wish to claim a single person discount.

If you are applying for single person discount from before the start of this financial year (1 April), please give full details of the reason why you did not apply earlier for this reduction.

Has somebody left the property?

Help for those on low incomes

If you are on benefit or low income (or you share your home with people who are) you may be entitled to a reduction in your bill. The reduction will depend on a number of things such as:

How much money you have coming in; how many people live with you; how much you have in savings or capital.

If you are under 60 and have £16,000 or more in capital or savings, then you will not be entitled to any Council Tax support.

Council Tax Support details

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